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Software architecture

Management of non-functional requirements, selection of the technology to be used, continuous improvement, facilitator, leader and trainer and quality assurance, are fundamental aspects in our team's day to day.


Software Life Cycle

We are present from taking requirements and functional design to construction, unit tests, quality assurance, implementation and training, to finally support operational continuity.


User Experience Focused

By satisfying the needs of users, it creates greater user commitment, significantly reduces production costs, is better than competitive products, will have fewer risks and more customers, the return on investment grows..

We are proudly from Venezuela and we invite you to visit the Angel Falls...
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Contact Us

If you have questions or comments, please fill out the contact form following this link http://konocimiento.com/contact.
We can also be reached at: 14356 Grassy Cove Cir Orlando FL 32824-6324 | Phone & WhatsApp: +1 (407) 205-2250
Email: info@konocimiento.com | Twitter: @konocimiento | Instagram: @konocimiento | Facebook: konocimiento

We are Venezuelans, we love our country ...
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